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Introducing our striking T-shirt featuring the Minto Medallion - a symbol of excellence and championship spirit.


This unique tee proudly showcases the Minto Cup medallion, a prestigious emblem of lacrosse victory. With intricate detailing and a sense of grandeur, this design captures the essence of achievement and the hard-fought battles on the lacrosse floor.


Wear this T-shirt with pride to honour the legacy of the Minto Cup and all it represents. Whether you're a dedicated lacrosse enthusiast or simply appreciate sporting history, this shirt is a stylish and meaningful addition to in celebrating the rich heritage of lacrosse and the remarkable stories of those who have triumphed on the path to the Minto Cup. It's not just a T-shirt; it's a statement of your passion for the sport and the legacy of champions.


Grab yours today and wear it with pride as a true symbol of excellence in lacrosse.

Minto Cup Champions! T-Shirt

  • Burlington Blaze T-Shirt

    Available in 3 different colours and from size Small to XXL

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