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We are thrilled to extend to you an exclusive invitation to be a part of a momentous celebration - the Blaze of Glory: Minto Champions Dinner & Ring Ceremony on Wed December 27, 2023. This prestigious event is dedicated to honouring the extraordinary triumph of the Burlington Blaze Jr A Lacrosse Team, the proud winners of the 2023 Canada Minto Cup. As a beacon of sportsmanship and talent, the team is now opening its doors to sponsorship opportunities, inviting businesses and individuals like yourself to support and share in their remarkable success.


The Blaze of Glory: Minto Champions Dinner & Ring Ceremony is more than just an event; it's a showcase of excellence, perseverance, and community spirit. By aligning with this event, you will not only be supporting a team that has demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, but you will also be gaining significant exposure and recognition within the local and sports communities. This is a unique opportunity to connect your brand with a story of victory and ambition, resonating with audiences far and wide.


Join us in this celebration and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to associate your brand with a story of triumph and aspiration, creating a connection with a community that values perseverance and sportsmanship.

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